Woman accused of dismembering man’s body and receiving benefits

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LAS VEGAS (AP) – A 69-year-old Las Vegas woman has been accused of defrauding Social Security for years after she allegedly dismembered the body of her late husband and thrown his remains in the trash, according to a federal criminal complaint.

Nancy Shedleski deposited $ 121,000 from her husband’s retirement benefits after his death in 2015, and Social Security officials weren’t aware all was wrong until they received an anonymous information in 2019 according to which the husband was missing, according to the lawsuit filed last week in Nevada.

The complaint, which accused Shedleski of stealing government money, identified the husband only as “JPS” and stated that he was 70 when he died.

Survivor benefits for Shedleski in 2019 if her husband’s death had been reported would have been $ 14,000, but her husband’s benefits that were distributed that year were $ 24,000, according to the complaint.

Contacted by federal officials, Shedleski first said her husband was traveling, but later admitted to dismembering his body and disposing of his remains after his death in their Pennsylvania home, according to the complaint.

“Shedleski confirmed that there was no ambulance, no hospitalization, no funeral, no burial and no cremation,” the complaint states.

The complaint did not specify the cause of the husband’s death or indicate where the couple lived in Pennsylvania before Nancy Shedleski moved to Las Vegas in 2017.

The complaint says her husband last received medical treatment in 2015 at Jefferson Regional Medical Center in Jefferson Hills, near Pittsburgh.

Shedleski was arrested last Thursday and appeared in Las Vegas court on Friday. She was not asked to plead guilty and was released on bail pending a hearing on November 5.

His court-appointed lawyer, Wendi Overmyer, did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment on behalf of Shedleski.

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