Will the Hudson Valley still see 70 degrees this weekend?

Last week has been downright cold at times. The Hudson Valley and the Catskills woke up to temperatures at or below freezing on consecutive days this week. Friday’s highs were actually a little warmer than the past two days, as temperatures hit the 60s by afternoon. Will we see even warmer temperatures by the weekend?

The Weather Channel says highs on Saturday could reach 70 degrees in the afternoon. Skies will remain sunny which should keep cooler temperatures away for most of the day. Clouds will start rolling in overnight as lows drop to around 40. It will remain cloudy on Sunday with highs in the mid 60s and a chance of afternoon showers.

This will keep the air milder in the region as highs for most of next week will remain in the upper 60s, with rain possible on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Hudson Valley Fall Weather Forecast

What do the forecasts look like for the rest of the season? Last year saw an extended period of warmer weather than usual, with tropical storms and even tornadoes reported in the northeast. Will we see more of that this year?

Will we finally have rain?

According to AccuWeather, a mid-fall weather change could bring rain and even more severe weather to the area. The forecast looks almost more like late spring, as those hoping for fall foliage may have to wait longer than usual this year. Additionally, meteorologists say La Niña will strengthen again, which could bring more tropical storms and hurricanes. So far this season has been very quiet for hurricanes, although that may change as fall approaches.

One of the hottest summers on record

The National Weather Service says Poughkeepsie had its 2nd driest summer on record (7.18 inches below normal), as well as its 5th hottest summer on record.

According to records, Poughkeepsie has experienced 34 days of temperatures of 90 degrees or more since May.

Will this winter be harsh?

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25 costliest hurricanes of all time

Although the extent of damage caused by Hurricane Ian in the Southwest is still being realized, Ian is already considered one of the costliest storms to ever hit the United States. Stacker looked at NOAA data to extrapolate the costliest US hurricanes of all time.

WATCH: The most extreme temperatures in every state’s history

Stacker looked to 2021 data from NOAA’s State Climate Extremes Committee (SCEC) to illustrate the hottest and coldest temperatures on record for each state. Each slide also reveals the highest-ever 24-hour rainfall record and highest-ever 24-hour snowfall.

Keep reading to discover individual state records in alphabetical order.

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