What drives anti-vaccines? – Sunshine News from Las Vegas

In his October 4 column “Stop pretending COVID-19 isn’t your problem,” Eugene Robinson expresses his frustration with the continued pandemic as a clash between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. “It’s puzzling to me, and to many others, that such a rift could possibly exist,” he wrote. He goes on to label some politicians as hypocrites, manipulators and narcissists, even sociopaths.

However, what appears to be tacitly strong is another explanation: racism. Out of almost every talk about the unvaccinated, the loudest public microphones are given to the white population. They are not the only unvaccinated ones. And they’re not the only ones who are ignorant, uninformed, or intransigent. However, their faces are most often seen and their voices most often heard and quoted.

It’s not unrealistic to assume that some of the public political support for the unvaccinated is rooted in the idea of ​​maintaining an America based on white racial superiority. This notion for some remains “the worm that does not die and the fire that does not go out”. That this tactic could be an effective dog whistle could explain the persistence of this pandemic despite so much information and choices that were not present a year ago.

In their zeal to maintain order, the unvaccinated do not realize that they are cutting their noses to upset their faces. That said, the subtle and insidious ongoing racism that permeates this country, like the battle against the coronavirus, must be constantly combated in all of its myriad mutations.

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