Walt Disney World monorail suffers another downtime

July 16, 2019, 1:55 p.m. The Walt Disney World monorail system is misbehaving…again. The latest dropout occurred this morning, as reported by Orlando TV stations. Guests have reported that monorail trains were stuck on the Magic Kingdom Loop for half an hour or more before 10 a.m. today.

Guests reported opening windows to circulate air in the hot, stuffy cabins after the trains stalled. Within the hour, however, Disney managed to get the affected train back to the transportation and ticketing center and get all guests safely off the monorail.

Disney World’s monorail system has suffered a series of embarrassing incidents in recent months, including a train running with an open door. But most often the problem is that the trains do not run at all.

Downtime has made the aging Bombardier Mark VI monorail trains an unappealing choice of transportation for many experienced Disney World visitors. Personally, I always opt for the ferry when traveling between the TTC and the Magic Kingdom and often use the buses and boat ramps to and from the MK and other destinations on the property when I don’t drive a car. It’s just not worth the risk of wasting time for me to ride a monorail I’ve been on countless times.

But for most Disney Guests, the monorail is a new attraction they want to experience. So thousands of people line up daily for one of the busiest monorail systems in the world, even if some customers get caught on trains during downtimes like today.

Many fans have asked Disney to replace this aging system with new monorails. But the relative unpopularity of monorails as a public transportation system means Disney would likely need a bespoke solution, which is likely to be ridiculously expensive. Disney may be more likely to replace its monorails with an extension of the upcoming Disney Skyliner system, at least on the long MK route to Epcot. The monorail loop around the Seven Seas Lagoon could be a candidate for a completely different transit system…but who knows at this point?

Which also happens to be the question that many Disney guests end up asking when wondering if the monorail will be running during their visit.

Did you have any problems with the Walt Disney World Monorail or other resort transportation services? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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