Vegas pediatrician warns of stomach virus sweeping valley

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Nausea, diarrhea and sore throat are just a few of the symptoms of another type of illness that plagues the Las Vegas Valley.

Pediatricians say they have seen a wave of stomach virus cases this month. Ashley Ore is one of those cases. She had to disinfect her whole house after her whole family was hit with a stomach virus.

It’s an illness she thought was COVID, but it turns out to be something like food poisoning.

“It’s like the flu, you feel really bad, you don’t feel good for 24 hours, then you have a few days where you need to rebuild your immune system,” Ore said.

She thinks one of her kids had it first and then it spread around the house like wildfire. Max, her 5-year-old, was hit the hardest. What started as a sore throat and fever resulted in uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea.

“It was so abrupt and so sudden and the symptoms that went with it, it was just throwing up all night nonstop for him,” Ore said. “I mean, it was consistency, he had nothing left in his stomach and yet he was still vomiting.”

Doctors told 13 Action News that there are currently two viruses common in the valley. One is called an enterovirus and the other is an adenovirus. People with weaker immune systems, such as children or people with breathing or heart problems, are at greater risk.

Dr Carrie Wijesinghe of Siena Pediatrics said that over the past month she has seen a surge of new patients and one in three have the virus.

“About 16-18% of patients, whether children or adults with COVID, also have the gastrointestinal manifestation, so it is difficult to tell it apart,” Wijesinghe said.

More than just patients, Wijesinghe says over the past month, four of his doctors have also called in patients with the virus. She says the most important thing for them is to stay hydrated.

“We’re getting into the holidays, and a lot of us want to get together, at least with small gatherings,” Wijesinghe said, “and I tell families with young children all the time, if there is anyone there. ‘one that’s sick of getting together so maybe it’s not a good idea to be there too. “

Wijesinghe says if you start having symptoms, contact your doctor. The symptoms of this virus are very similar to those of COVID-19, so it’s important to get medical attention as soon as possible, she said.

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