Ukrainian stars on the Las Vegas Strip: ‘Don’t shut up’

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Local Ukrainian artists who perform nightly on the Las Vegas Strip continue to urge local residents to speak out against violence in Ukraine and continue to share the plight of their people on social media. social.

For Ellariya Bohdanova, Anastasiya Melnychenko and Kateryna Sytnikova, a trio of performers from the Las Vegas show Absinthe, they continue to be a support system for each other during this difficult time with turmoil overseas.

“Now every time I go to sleep I’m a little scared that I’ll wake up and hear worse news from my family,” Bohdanova said.

The challenge for the women, as well as for so many other Ukrainians living in the United States, continues to be the worry of their loved ones. They explain why, despite the dangers, many choose to stay in Ukraine.

“My father, he is not ready to leave Ukraine because he has his mother, my grandmother, ‘babushka’, whom he takes care of,” Bohdanova said.

“My mother says she’s not going to leave her house, because it will be worse. Old people, they don’t want to leave their homes,” Sytnikova said.

Melnychenko said she was relieved that her family got to safety in Romania. Many friends and loved ones, she said, want to stay to volunteer to help in any way they can.

“All the people are so united now. And my friends, it was like, ‘We’re not going to leave, even if we get the opportunity now, we don’t want to leave,’ she said.

“If they wanted to destroy our people and separate them, they actually did the opposite,” Melnychenko said.

Sytnikova called on social media for circus artists around the world to unite and express themselves together.

“Let us bring peace. Let’s stop this war,” Sytnikova said. “It’s about human rights. Don’t shut up,” she said.

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