Tourist wins $229,000 jackpot after mistake at Las Vegas Strip Resort

Agents from the Nevada Gaming Control Board spent two weeks tracking down an Arizona man who left Las Vegas not realizing he had won a $229,000 progressive slot machine jackpot.

Control Board officials are not disclosing Robert Taylor’s hometown, but confirmed Friday that he was collecting $229,368.52 from Treasure Island over the weekend.

“It was definitely good old-fashioned policing,” said Board of Control spokesman Michael Lawton.

Control Commission law enforcement officers said they could not recall any other time they had been called upon to track down a jackpot winner.

On the evening of January 8, Taylor was playing a progressive slot machine at Treasure Island when a communication problem on the machine prevented him and casino staff from determining whether he had won the jackpot.

By the time a thorough review of the slot machine and communications technology was completed confirming the jackpot had been won, Taylor had returned home to Arizona – and no one knew the identity of the winner.

At that time, the council launched a thorough investigation by several officers from the council’s law enforcement division, to find the client’s identity.

The investigation included a review of several hours of surveillance footage at multiple gambling properties, numerous witness interviews, a study of electronic purchase records, and an analysis of Nevada Transportation Authority call information.

The investigation determined that Taylor was the lucky player.

On January 28, Taylor was officially notified of his jackpot.

“The Nevada Gaming Control Board is responsible for the strict regulation of the gaming industry, the protection of the gaming public, and ensuring that the industry benefits the State of Nevada,” the agent said. execution of Dan Nuqui, who spent two weeks tracking down Taylor.

James Taylor, chief of the board’s law enforcement division, thanked the Nevada Transportation Authority for helping locate Robert Taylor through his rideshare records and said the effort was “an excellent example of government working together for the benefit of the public”.

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