Tonopah’s first cannabis dispensary is just weeks away from opening

Tonopah is set to host the region’s first marijuana dispensary, aiming to open in the coming weeks.

“Stash Fine Cannabis Co., Nevada’s first community cannabis dispensary, is set to open in Tonopah this summer, bringing a fun, retro cannabis experience to the most popular stop on the Vegas-Reno route,” announced a press release issued earlier this week. .

The company behind Stash Fine Cannabis Co. is Congeriem LLC, a coalition of six distinct marijuana growers and producers, including Mother Herb, Zion Gardens, Libra Wellness, Just Quality, Global Harmony, and ETW Management Group. Stash officials have some pretty bold plans to make the company a household name, with the press release noting that Congeriem owner and executive Judah Zakalik has dubbed the coalition “The Justice League of Cannabis.”

“Congeriem seeks to break some norms of Nevada’s highly commercialized cannabis industry with Stash Fine Cannabis Co. by emphasizing careful curation, high quality standards, and significant price advantages, which cultivation and production members of Congeriem can provide through their breakthrough vertical-integrated model,” the statement said, adding that this model aims to “…provide underserved communities in Nevada with wellness products at rock-bottom prices.”

Congeriem was established in August 2020 and the Tonopah dispensary project started in November last year. During this time, the company has invested at least $1 million to bring Stash’s vision to life, and when the doors open, the store will create approximately 15 additional jobs in the community.

While Tonopah is the county seat of Nye County, it also overlaps with Esmerelda County. Importantly, Nye County has already granted its two licensed dispensary licenses, to The Grove and The Source, which plans to open in Pahrump in a few weeks.

Stash Fine Cannabis Co. is licensed in Esmeralda County.

“Nestled on the outskirts of the historic mining town, the structure just off the US-95 highway, brandishing a classic casino-style brand logo, will showcase a one-of-a-kind cannabis grower market experience concept. , highlighting high-quality cannabis products at honest prices, all grown and manufactured by the small, multi-brand coalition of six individual, locally recognized and distinguished cannabis groups who have come together to combine their collective knowledge, experience, diversity and community service to form Congeriem LLC, the company behind the new and unique Stash Fine Cannabis Co. brand,” the statement details.

Resembling somewhat of a futuristic tent-like building, the structure that Stash Fine Cannabis will occupy is a “suspended structure high performance building with a permanent architectural tension membrane covering a rigid frame structure that allows for low energy cooling and maximum harvest of daylight,” explained company media representatives.

As for why Congeriem chose Tonopah as a launch point, company officials said it was the perfect location when everything was considered.

“Why Tonopah, you ask? Put simply, why not?” reads the press release. “Tonopah is the proverbial midpoint between Las Vegas and Reno and is the most popular stop on the route, which sees hundreds of thousands of travelers each year and offers visitors a glimpse of Old Nevada’s rich mining history, various attractions such as haunted hotels, museums, bars and the Tonopah Brewing Company, not to mention the nation’s #1 stargazing destination. Co. aims to provide residents, travelers and tourists with access to a unique and affordable experience to rival that of Las Vegas and Reno, and sits right at the crossroads of Nevada’s interstate arteries.

And Tonopah is far from the limits of Congeriem’s ​​aspirations. The company is working to open its second location in Reno by the first quarter of 2023 and another in Henderson thereafter.

Details on the opening ceremonies will be released once an opening date has been set.

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