The case of a tourist hit and killed on the Las Vegas Strip advances | New

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – A man accused of punching and killing a tourist on the Las Vegas Strip earlier this year appeared before a judge on Friday on an initial indictment, not mental health.

Another man who spoke to FOX5 at the time of the incident, claiming he too was beaten up by suspect Brandon Leath, wanting to testify against him, has died.

In February, Thomas Driscoll, a retired Connecticut State Police Soldier on vacation in Las Vegas, was walking with a woman on Las Vegas Boulevard. Police reported that Leath crossed his path and hit him once, killing him.

“I saw the surveillance video, how he killed Tom. It was so… traumatic to see a man I love die so brutally, ”Annie Chong told FOX5 this week.

Chong lived with Driscoll for ten years and shared that he had helped raise his sons.

“Our lives will never be the same again,” Chong said.

Chong has said she wants justice and hopes other people “terrified” by Leath will come forward to help prosecutors strengthen their case.

“This is not a one-off action on his part. He used to terrorize people, ”Chong said.

A man who spoke anonymously to FOX5 just saw Leath in court.

“The way he looked at me, I was more scared than anything. I was shaking,” he said. He is an employee of an apartment complex in the city center and has a complete file on Leath regarding the problems he allegedly caused in the complex. He said he chased him once with a screwdriver.

This employee told the management of the apartment that he would resign if they did not add security cameras. They spent $ 6,000 to put them on.

“He knocked me out, so now I have to go see a doctor about my possible concussion,” another apartment complex employee who also wanted to remain anonymous in March after Driscoll’s death told FOX5. .

Brandon Leath

This man passed away this month. His colleagues said he was ready to testify against Leath. He told them he had COVID-19, but they say he couldn’t work full time after being struck, and believe the lasting effects were a factor in his decline.

“After the assault, he was not the same anymore,” said his colleague.

Leath is expected to be back in court next week for a status check and possibly to set a trial date.

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