Texas # 9 overtakes Texas Rio Grande Valley 93-58 |

AUSTIN, TX (AP) – Aliyah Matharu was a five-star high school rookie, but has never been a regular debutant in three seasons of college basketball, two with Mississippi State and now in Texas.

Matharu says she’s okay with that. She is, after all, the Longhorns’ top scorer.

On Sunday, Matharu scored 18 points in just 19 minutes, and No.9 Texas beat Texas Rio Grande Valley 93-58.

Sunday’s game was a last-minute addition made on Friday, as both schools had championship games postponed due to the coronavirus. The Vaqueros were supposed to play in the state of New Mexico while the Longhorns originally played at No. 14 Baylor.

Matharu started eight of 52 games at Mississippi State before being transferred to play for the coach who recruited her from Starkville, Vic Schaefer. She has made five starts this season for Schaefer and is averaging 15.5 points.

“I feel important,” said Matharu. “It’s always nice to feel that you can help. “

Matharu converted 6 of 12 shots from the field, including 4 of 6 3-pointers after doing extra work on Friday and Saturday. She logged in on just 14 of 42 total, 4 of 17 3-pointers, the previous three games.

“I felt like I hadn’t been on the beat for a while,” said Matharu.

Lauren Ebo and Joanne Allen-Taylor scored 13 each for Texas, and Aaliyah Moore had 15 rebounds in 23 minutes.

The UTRGV (5-9) came out on the rebound 51-28.

Taylor Muff scored 17 for UTRGV, making five 3-pointers. Muff is a graduate student who plays college basketball for the first time after four years of volleyball in northern Colorado.

Sara Bershers scored six, nine behind her best team average.

Texas (11-2) was physically dominated on the inside in a 74-61 loss to Texas Tech on Wednesday. The Longhorns struggled to pass the ball inside their crosses and forwards against UTRGV, who only had one player over 6 feet available. Texas had a 40-22 advantage in points in the paint.

“Regarding our previous game, we were just soft,” said Ebo. “We were harassed there.”

Neither team enjoyed possession of the ball. The UTRGV made 28 turnovers and Texas made 22.

Despite the lopsided score, UTRGV coach Lane Ford was grateful to have a replacement game.

“It was great for us,” said Ford. “Obviously they’re talented, but we played hard. “


UTRGV: The Vaqueros were missing seven players with COVID or injuries, including starting goalie Jena Williams. Burcu Soysal, a 6-5 reserve center, was also out, leaving the UTRGV with 6-3 Iva Belosevic as the only player over 6 feet. She played 20 minutes, 13 longer than her average, trying to counter the Longhorns’ size advantage.

Texas: The Longhorns have scored 8 of 14 3-pointers after making just 7 of 23 against Texas Tech. “We couldn’t throw it into the ocean if we were standing on the beach at high tide on Wednesday,” Schaefer said.

He was concerned the Longhorns had missed 10 of 23 free throws, an accuracy of 56.5% that was worse than their score of 64.2 at the finish, which ranks 303rd nationally.


First-year reserve goalie Kyndall Hunter, a coveted rookie for Texas, did not play, a decision Schaefer made before the game, a team spokesperson said, adding that the injuries and the COVID were not a factor. Hunter was not on the bench. She had seven 3-point baskets in Game 1 of the season against New Orleans and averaged 11 minutes and 5.9 points in seven games. When asked if Hunter was still on the team, Schaefer said, “As far as I know. All young children have growth problems. “

Schaefer pointed out that some McDonald’s All-Americans across the country barely play, if at all, while “all of our kids (with the exception of the female junior college transfer Masudi) have double-digit minutes on average. “.


UTRGV: East in Chicago State Thursday.

Texas: hosts Kansas Wednesday.

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