Sun Editorial Cartoonist Gets National Recognition

Christophe De Vargas

Editorial cartoonist Mike Smith poses for a photo in the Las Vegas Sun archives on Tuesday, February 9, 2021.

Tue, Nov 2, 2021 (2 hrs)

Las Vegas Sun editorial cartoonist Mike Smith has been honored by Editor & Publisher with an EPPY Award for best editorial / political cartoon for websites with 1 million or more unique visitors, the magazine said on Monday.

The competition rewards the best digital media from an international list of nominees and received more than 400 nominations in approximately 40 categories. Among the winners were the Boston Globe (Best Daily Newspaper Website), ESPN (Best Sports Website) and CNN (Best Mobile News App).

Smith’s work has appeared in The Sun for over 35 years, dating from his days as a student at Loyola Marymount University in Southern California, and includes depictions of seven US presidents and many Las Vegas notables. . Smith won for cartoons about Trumpism, police accountability, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

“The Sun is extremely proud to present Mike’s work to our readers for over three decades,” said Ric Anderson, editor of the Sun’s editorial page. “We are delighted that his peers have honored him with this award, one of many he has received during his remarkable career. It’s satisfying to see others recognize Mike as one of the best at what he does.

Las Vegas Weekly, the Sun’s sister publication, won two EPPY awards: best weekly or non-daily newspaper website (less than one million unique visitors) and best overall website design.

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