“Street Barber” offers free haircuts to the homeless


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – From street life to solidarity with the homeless community, Dana Canfield is the street barber of Las Vegas. He gives free haircuts to men and women living on the streets.

“All I ever wanted when I was outside was a haircut and a cool shower to give me a head start on a new life,” he said.

The barber is in Dana’s blood. Both of her grandfathers cut hair and ran barber shops in California in the 1940s.

“I remember growing up in my grandfather’s garage, and there were barber chairs everywhere and I even had a pair of scissors from 1945.”

However, Dana did not immediately follow the family profession of pruning. He moved to Las Vegas and his life changed.

“I had a big house. I worked about 15 years ago in the auto industry, and I kind of found myself abusing certain things in town, and I found myself homeless.

For almost four years, Dana lived on the streets, struggling with drug addiction and trouble with the law. However, during this time he developed an appreciation for his fellow citizens living outside, while also recognizing a basic need that was not offered in the homeless community. Once Dana went to rehab and got back on his feet, he wanted to give back.

“Haircuts really give a little hope; a little boost in their life.

Today, Dana is halfway through barber school. Like his grandfathers, he plans to open a barbershop while continuing to serve the homeless community of Las Vegas. Dana appears during various events, rescue missions or Las Vegas Boulevard. Dana lists her pop-up locations on her social media pages.


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