Silk Sonic is back on the Strip, just like the 70s

Sonic Silk has passed the “two and send” test.

How it works: While playing the album “An Evening With Silk Sonic”, somewhere during the second track, which is “Fly As Me”, you text a friend with the message: “You must download ‘Silk Sonic, now, and thank me later.

I texted this during the song’s intro bass riff. You could wait for the chorus, “I deserve to be, with someone as awesome as MEEEE!”

Letting the funk soar on Dolby Live, Silk Sonic is the 70s-tinged brainteaser of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak. The Silk Sonic show returns on Wednesday, runs all weekend, and is scheduled on select dates through May 29.

I don’t know who “Silk” is and who “Sonic” might be in the Mars-.Paak tandem, or if those roles are meant to be defined. No matter.

We know Mars is the international superstar who floored him during a five-year residency at the venue when it first opened as the Park Theatre. .Paak is his percussion, hip-hop, rap and groove partner. .Paak is also the former opening act for Mars on the “24K Magic” tour when the two became fast friends. .Paak hit the Vegas scene with an open throttle, spotted at Delilah (twice) and at David copper field, carrot top, “Love and Shim Lim’s shows. .Paak is such an entertaining personality. I don’t know who smiles more through this show, those dancing in the crowd or .Paak himself.

The Silk Sonic concept exploded in March 2021, with the hit out of nowhere, “Leave The Door Open”. Over the next few months, “Skate”, “Smokin’ Out The Window” and, in November, the full album had been released. A fully realized production was already being designed.

Mars was sure to rock the scene in Vegas. He presented his solo show since So long it actually predates its policy of locking phones. Because of this decision, which the headliner clearly appreciates, Mars now has two versions of a song called “I Took Your Phones Away.” The first, from his old show, is a ballad. The second beats like the latest dance hit debuting on “Soul Train.”

And that syndicated dance show from a bygone era is what a performance by Silk Sonic brings to mind. “Soul Train” like a bullet train (but without the Afro-Sheen Hair Food commercials). Even upon entering the venue, before being stripped of cell phone technology, you come across a 70s lounge outside the NoMad library and bar. There is a leather sofa with multicolored throw pillows and a Zenith-style solid-state TV. Where is the image of Don Cornelius in this concept? Found that.

The decor, emblazoned with giant multicolored stars, streaks of neon and rainbows, is breathtaking. The same goes for Mars’ choreography, .Paak and the four-man lineup that takes center stage. The dance moves, which copy Spinners and Pips, are complex, tight and demonstrated throughout the night.

Mars, in particular, didn’t have much time to learn a brand new dance performance while performing his residency production. But he did. This guy doesn’t do anything by halves. Come to think of it, do you know who can still perform these moves? Who lives and breathes them? Bouba Knight, an original Pip, Gladys Knight’s brother and a resident of Las Vegas. I just saw him throw it at The Nevada Room a month ago (and if you take that as a suggestion that Knight might join Silk Sonic onstage for at least one number, you’re fair).

The entire “Evening With Silk Sonic” album plays, including the Vegas-inspired “777” (Mars and .Paak are heard heading out to the Grammy Awards show next month). An album isn’t enough material for a full show, of course, so we’re getting a sample of originals from Mars. “Treasure”, “That’s What I Like” and “Runaway Baby” are dusted and shiny, like a pair of leather wingtips. The same goes for .Paak’s “Come Down”.

But really, it doesn’t matter if you know the nuances of the set list. The Silk Sonic show is like a trip back in time to a time when it was good to fit in, show up, show up and get in the groove. And to Mr. Mars, who sings about picking up our phones, we just call “Thank you!”

Paisley does the honors

Saturday night Brad Paisley finally met the couple who issued the 5 millionth marriage license in Clark County in February. We are talking about Mayra Ramirez and Luis Pantoja of Patterson, California. It turned out that Luis was wearing a Paisley tour shirt, given to him by Mayra, at the Marriage License Office and at the ceremony, both on February 20. ” show at the Encore Theater. He dedicated his hit song, “Then,” to the couple and caught up with them backstage.

During the show, the second of two sold-out performances, another couple were engaged as Paisley performed “Whiskey Lullaby”. The unidentified lovebirds were from Idaho, aptly known as the Gem State.

cool hang alert

The next move actually dates from the era mentioned by Silk Sonic. The R&B group was formed in 1972 in South Chicago and still plays in Vegas. Original members Cornell Haywood, Earl Shelby and Samuel Thomas Jr. celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary with a monthly residency at The Nevada Room at Commercial Center. The next performance is at 6 p.m. (dinner) and 7:30 p.m. (show) on Friday. The act harmonizes through the hits of The Temptations, Jackson 5, The Dells, The Chi-Lites and more. A group of four musicians and a three-course dinner are also on the menu. Visit for tickets and information.

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