Rock Soldier John Fogerty is back on the Las Vegas Strip

Nela Koenig

John Fogerty is playing the first in a series of concerts at Wynn Las Vegas tonight.

John Fogerty has performed his well-worn classic rock tunes at various Vegas showrooms in recent years and is happy to return to his current Strip home, Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas, for the first of six performances tonight.

“I believe the last time we were on tour we were doing ‘My 50-Year Trip’ which had a lot of references and memories to other music and what was symbolically represented by Woodstock,” Fogerty said. on this week’s Sun on the Strip show. Podcast. “In this case, in the near future I am refocusing on my own recordings throughout my life, and certainly with my kids actually playing in the band, it’s great fun for me to play my songs in this situation. . “

The 76-year-old singer, songwriter and guitarist known for founding Creedence Clearwater Revival before embarking on a solo career has spent the pandemic year with his family and continued his rock and roll mission.

“The confinement was just an opportunity to spend more time with the music,” he says. “I have a little studio in my house and I can go there during the times when my family didn’t need me, so I had time to record and try things out and write too, all the normal stuff that I always have. But like everyone else, the [pandemic] has certainly changed the dynamic.

Like everyone else, Fogerty has grown to appreciate the little things a little more, including the extra time to continue his disciplined practice of the guitar.

“I train every day and it keeps me connected,” he says. “I was very lucky, I was bitten by the guitar bug very early on. I don’t know how it went before the internet and Google, but in a much slower way [time] I was able to focus on heroes like James Burton and Duane Eddy, and I didn’t even know Scotty Moore’s name until I was already famous. I think I was recording ‘Bad Moon Rising’ or something like that when an engineer mentioned his name, and to me he’s always been that guy playing guitar with Elvis.

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