Rising inflation prompts more people to seek help at Valley food banks

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – As gas and food prices rise, more Americans are turning to food banks, which means nonprofits are stepping in to help, but their budgets suffer.

For many families, budgets are tight and prices are more than 7% higher than a year ago. Some families get by because they cut back on their food.

Three Square food bank executives said their sites are seeing an increase in food needs.

“There is just a fine line between those who are food insecure and those who are not. Certainly, economic success like this exposes that,” said Larry Scott of the Three Square Food Bank.

He added that inflation is also impacting nonprofits. It used to cost $1,200 to have food delivered and now it costs up to $5,000.

While purchased food accounts for only 10% of their diet, the group is seeing rising prices and also having difficulty finding certain food items, just like the average consumer.

United Way is also seeing a growing need for food. There are many pantries around the valley that distribute food. This link will help you find one near you.

“In our efforts to be a supporter and partner here in the Southern Nevada community, we have funded nearly three times as many nonprofits in this budget year as we have in years. previous ones,” said Julian High, president and CEO of United Way of Southern Nevada.

If you want to donate or need help, you can get more information about Three Square at this link. You can find information on how to donate to United Way or find out how you can get help at this link.

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