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Vegas Homebuyers Can Now Rent a Solar Power System

LA VEGAS, November 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MDC Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: MDC), parent company of the Richmond American Homes companies, is pleased to announce that solar rental is now available in the Vegas Region.

In California, the Richmond American Homes subsidiary of MDC, has been offering solar power systems to customers since 2012 and solar leases since 2021. Today, MDC, one of the nation’s leading homebuilders, carries its commitment to sustainability at a higher level. Richmond American Houses NevadaInc. now offers solar leases or power purchase agreements through a solar provider in communities across the Vegas Region. Buyers will have the option to lock in the cost of electricity produced by the solar system for the duration of the power purchase agreement below current market rates.*

Additionally, Richmond American Companies offer homebuyers a host of standard and optional features that help reduce energy consumption without sacrificing functionality. These include more efficient HVAC solutions (air conditioning up to 16 SEER and medium or high efficiency variable speed furnaces), high efficiency MERV 13 air filters, high efficiency tankless water heaters, low-e windows and radiant roof barriers. Richmond’s American companies also now offer electric vehicle charging pre-wiring in all markets.

American shoppers from Richmond to Vegas looking for solar capacity can choose from the following solutions:

  • Purchase and install a solar power system through one of the company’s suppliers
  • Rent and install a solar power system through one of the company’s suppliers
  • Install a hidden conduit for a future solar energy system

By the end of 2021, Richmond American Homes businesses closed 6,407 homes with solar panels, saving 89,616 tonnes of CO2 emissions and producing 36,012,925 kilowatt hours of renewable energy per year. The builder is now ready to help those who Vegas reduce their carbon footprint.

“We are always exploring more sustainable ways to offer and integrate more energy-efficient features. After experiencing great success in California offering buyers the ability to lock in the cost of electricity generated by the solar system for the duration of the lease or power purchase agreement, offering more solar options in other areas where we build was a next logical step,” said Andre HarrisSenior Vice President of Richmond American Homes Corporation.

For more information about the rental program and the many benefits of powering your next home with the sun, call 888.500.7060 or visit a sales center today.

About MDC Holdings, Inc.

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*Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) will be offered in Nevada. The cost of energy generated by the lease or PPA must be at least five to ten percent lower than the current applicable market price and remain fixed for the term. Any increase in the price of electricity by a local utility provider will cause the spread to increase as the price of solar power supplied remains fixed. Some builders allow escalators in leases and PPAs.

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