Return of Disneyland monorail solves major visitor problem

Photo by Nico Madrigal-Yankowski

HTEL DISNEYLAND (1961) – The Disneyland Hotel opened across from Disneyland in 1955, but was built and owned by Walt’s friend Jack Wrather until purchased from The Wrather Corporation in 1988. The Disneyland monorail track was extended in 1961. to transport guests to and from the hotel, making it the only monorail in the country to cross a public street.


The hashtag may be #MonorailMonday among Disney fans, but today at Disneyland it’s Monorail Friday. Starting today, fans can once again board the park’s monorail.

It was previously closed due to the ongoing pandemic, and its loss has been a pain point for guests of Disneyland hotels and theme parks. Neither the monorail, which takes guests from the Downtown Disney entrance to Tomorrowland inside Disneyland Park, nor the trams to and from the parking lots have been in service since Disneyland reopened in April.

After weeks of testing, the sky train was recently cleared to open as part of Disneyland’s phased reopening plan.

Sometimes referred to as “the highway in the sky,” the monorail traverses the grounds of Disneyland and offers easy access from hotels to the park, as well as panoramic views of Main Street and Tomorrowland from elevated views.

The monorail has been in service since 1959. At the time, was the first monorail operating in the Western Hemisphere, according to Kelsey Lynch, director of public relations at Disneyland.

Passengers boarding the monorail should always wear a mask at all times, but the monorail will operate on its regular schedules and its two boarding stations, at Downtown Disney and Tomorrowland in Disneyland Park, will both be open. It is not known when the trams to the parking lot will resume.

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