Preparations underway for Halloween celebrations across the valley

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – This year Halloween falls on a weekend and it’s less than six weeks away.

The National Retail Federation expects consumers to spend more than $ 10 billion on Halloween-related items.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged people to stay home last year.

However, this year he has the green light to cheat or safely deal in breakout groups.

For parents like Mark Acfalle and Kerry Wilson, Halloween can’t come soon enough.

“She wants to be Pennywise, and he wants to be a marshmallow
man like the Michelin man, ”Acfalle said.

“We love Halloween and we want to get back to normal and let the kids have fun,” Wilson said.

For businesses across the country, this Halloween is a chance to make up for what they lost last year.

Martin Sadowitz, owner of the American costume store, told 8 News Now that he also wants things to get back to normal.

This season, he says stocking the shelves has been a struggle.

“So many costume companies have gone bankrupt. It’s so difficult to be in this time with the COVID crisis and trying to provide costumes to people. Yes, sales are down by about half, ”Sadowitz said.

When it comes to haunted houses, Rick Strelak is the owner of the Asylum and the Fear Hotel and said he was delighted to see people coming back. He also said he was always on the lookout for volunteer actors.

“I think we’re still going to have a good following this year because while people will always be hesitant, as long as we treat it right, that’s the most important thing we had last year. We will continue to volunteer throughout the season if we can fit them in.

As for the number of people allowed in the haunted house, it is a maximum of six people at a time and reservations can be made online.

As for the Spirit store shoppers, most said they had no problem finding a costume or decorations they wanted, although in one place they were sold off the popular talking Chucky doll.

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