Pinball Hall of Fame adds nostalgia to Vegas Strip

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Just one glance inside the Pinball Hall of Fame and you know the place is unique in Las Vegas.

In a city of entertainment, the Pinball Hall of Fame is the only one to bring you back to a time of simpler entertainment.

Owner Tim Arnold is the man behind the concept that helps bring every machine to life.

“We’re the real last arcade in America. We literally have everything with games dating back to the 1930s. So whatever you grew up on, it’s here,” Arnold said.

The Pinball Hall of Fame is not a stage of the Big Bus Tours of the World, but it has been a local favorite for almost 15 years.

And like many things in the city, the pantheon has modernized but the main attraction remains and it is the games of skill.

“My definition of a game is something you can endorse. Something you can use strategy and skill to achieve a goal. We have strictly games of skill that date back to the 1930s,” said Arnold.

The Pinball Hall of Fame recently moved into its new $ 10 million dig in front of the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign on Las Vegas Boulevard.

“It’s three times the size of our old place on Tropicana. It’s more spacious and really a nice place. You’re going to see a lot more games because we have a lot more than before,” said Arnold.

Arnold has come a long way since buying his first machine in high school, where it all kind of took off.

“I started in gumball machines in 1969 and had my first pinball machine in high school and it all developed from there. So here I am with more pinball machines. We currently have 350 machines and hopefully eventually reach 700, “Arnold mentioned.

Currently, the Hall of Fame has just about everything from your arcade days ranging from a 1933 puzzle to a new machine based on one of the last members of the new Star Wars galaxy.

“The most popular machines are always the newest and right now it’s the ‘Mandalorian’ pinball machine, but we have classic games from all eras with some of the best and the worst,” Arnold said.

All the pinball machines stay a quarter and players can even find more options on the floor.

“We have the original Pac-Man game, the original Galaxia. We have old shooters and weird arcade games, including games from the Jersey Shore,” Arnold said.

And the job to keep all the bells and lights on? Arnold says it’s him and a team of volunteers to thank.

“It’s constant work to keep the machines running. We create workarounds because there are no parts. And these machines were only supposed to last about five years and we’ve saved about a thousand of them and are working to get them to work. Arnold. noted.

Additionally, the Arnolds enjoy giving back to the community by trying to help those in need in Southern Nevada.

“We are a non-profit organization and we are all volunteers. Once we get a little out of debt from the move, we will give again to our local charities,” said Arnold.

The Pinball Hall of Fame will take you back to your own arcade days while helping you share those moments with new generations.

And it’s an easy find in the center of town on Las Vegas Boulevard and Russell Road.

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