Pahrump businessman Matt Sadler joins Assembly District 36 race

Pahrump businessman Matt Sadler has filed as a Republican for the Nevada Assembly District 36 seat.

He held the official kickoff of his campaign on January 15 at the Bob Ruud Community Center.

Sadler’s campaign kickoff was a success, he said, adding that he was quite touched by the support he received.

“It was encouraging, the crowd was definitely energetic,” Sadler said. “It was a loyal group of people, new faces, old friends, it was great. If you had walked into the event you would think I would have hired staff or something. So many people in attendance decided to put on a t-shirt to help serve food and do whatever they could to help. Once it started I didn’t have to lift a finger and it was fantastic.

Sadler is no new to campaigning. He ran for public office twice while residing in Las Vegas.

“I ran in Assembly District 18 in 2016 and again in 2018, just before I moved here,” Sadler said.

He failed to win the 2016 primary, but ended up winning the 2018 primary. He lost in the 2018 general election, but said he hoped this year would be the year he was able to represent the people of Nevada in the State Legislature.

“I think in a district like ours — which is probably one of the most conservative districts in the state — I just think we need stronger, more principled conservative leadership. Honestly, if there was a better candidate, if there was a more conservative choice, I would support them. I wouldn’t run. That’s why I’m jumping in,” Sadler said.

About Sadler

A 44-year-old Nevadan, Sadler was born and raised in Las Vegas. He attended the University of Nevada in Las Vegas and later met and married his wife. He is a father of three and operates a local surety company, which he originally started in Las Vegas before expanding to the Valley in 2014.

He moved his family to Pahrump in 2018.

Sadler said he was first and foremost a pro-life candidate.

“In the most general sense, me being who I am, I am shamelessly and shamelessly pro-life. However I can assert myself in this, being an advocate for the unborn child is what I intend to do. Whether it’s advocating for a heartbeat bill type measure or anything I can do to defend Rowe’s cancellation against Wade, that would be my #1 goal. That’s where my heart is. said Sadler.

“Beyond that, we’ve witnessed over the past couple of years that the First Amendment, particularly in our rights to express our religious faith, has been kind of attacked,” Sadler said. “There has been a concerted effort to almost shut down churches and their activities, which is a clear violation of our constitution. And the most effective way to tackle that is to come together to make an anti-veto law that says the governor can’t continue these perpetual states of emergency, that he has to be brought to the Legislative Assembly , that they must be called and that a law, voted by the Legislative Body, must codify this. Politically, this is one of my top priorities, for sure.

Sadler said the most important thing voters know about him is that he will bring authenticity and consistency, and vowed never to waver in his conservative values.

“I know that it is impossible to please everyone, so although one member of the assembly represents everyone, it is impossible to defend different points of view to the same extent. So it has to fit my core beliefs or I can’t back it up,” Sadler said. “I’m not completely rigid, I’m not beyond discussion, but ultimately I have to follow by convictions. A lot of politicians don’t go that route, they kind of toe the line and stay in the middle. It won’t be me.

Sadler said he also wanted voters to know that he had no other political aspirations and did not see the Assembly as a stepping stone to higher politics.

Sadler will run against incumbent Assemblyman Greg Hafen II and fellow businesswoman Melissa Blundo in the 2022 Republican primary, which is scheduled for Tuesday, June 14.

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