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Starz’s acclaimed drama series P-Valley has become a new fan favorite after returning for season two in June. After a tense episode, Keyshawn Harris star Shannon Thornton penned a sweet tribute to her character.

After P-Valley landed on screen in 2020, the show received critical acclaim, which made fans quickly realize why season two was confirmed just two weeks after the pilot.

The series, which was the screen adaptation of Katori Hall’s play “P***y Valley,” followed the personal and professional lives of people who worked at strip club The Pynk.

He also focused on the club’s owners, Uncle Clifford (played by Nicco Annan) and Autumn Night (Elarica Johnson) and their efforts after it looked like The Pynk would shut down for good.

When P-Vally returned for season two, everyone’s life had gone through a huge change, including that of Keyshawn (Shannon Thornton) after the shocking season finale.

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As one of the club’s most notorious dancers, Keyshawn was also known to clients and colleagues as Miss Mississippi.

However, after the pandemic forced her to stay home, her creepy boyfriend Derrick (Jordan M Cox) grew more controlling and easily angered.

As a result, Keyshawn suffered more violence as he became more controlling.

However, after telling him about their future, she was able to imagine his escape.

She had convinced Derrick to let her go on a multi-city tour with rapper Lil Murda (J Alphonse Nicholson) where she would earn money as a dancer.

The most recent episode titled “White Knights” provided fans with an in-depth look at Keyshawn’s backstory with a flashback to his past.

He explored his history of abuse which apparently started at the hands of his stepmother, before revealing that Derrick began physically abusing her when she became pregnant.

As she returned home after the tour was temporarily postponed, viewers learned that Derrick would also abuse their children whenever she was away.

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After the heartbreaking episode, Keyshawn star Shannon Thornton took to Instagram to pay tribute to her character.

Along with a series of videos of the dancer from the show, the actress captioned it, “Episode 205. It was a pleasure playing Keyshawn.”

“This girl holds a special place in my heart, thank you for watching us,” she added.

Fans also flooded the comments section with praise and support for Thornton’s portrayal.

@msbumbleb80 wrote, “Best episode so far and if Mississippi doesn’t protect these kids by any means necessary, I’ll jump through the screen.”

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