‘Opium’ returns to the Las Vegas Strip and adjacent restaurant Superfrico debuts

When Spiegelworld reopens the horny sci-fi comedy variety show Opium This week, the irreverent entertainment company won’t just bring back the last of its three productions from the Las Vegas Strip. It will take another chance to create a fully integrated experience in a space familiar to the Cosmopolitan.

Opium returns on September 24, the same day the adjacent Superfrico restaurant will debut, featuring self-proclaimed “psychedelic Italian-American” vibes, a curated art collection and more.

Chicken Parmesan at Superfrico

“I think this is going to have a huge impact on Opium, to tear down the wall and bring together the two spaces originally designed to have a restaurant next to a theater and integrate the entertainment component into the restaurant and the catering component into the theater, ”says Spiegelworld boss Ross Mollison. “It makes us realize how privileged it is to work in the circus and restaurant business at one of the best casinos in the world. I am proud to come to work here and that [Cosmopolitan has] faith in us to take this next step.

Before Opium debuted in 2018, this Cosmo space housed the Rose.Rabbit.Lie. restaurant with dinner club and immersive style entertainment from Spiegelworld Las Vegas Night show, both born in 2014. Nocturnal lasted about seven months; RRL closed earlier this year, when Spiegelworld officially announced plans to take over the restaurant space and create a more connected experience.

The culinary offerings are anchored by Anthony Falco, an acclaimed international consultant, chef and author also known for working at legendary Brooklyn pizzeria Roberta’s. The cocktails come from Leo Robitschek, formerly of NoMad Bar at Park MGM.

“We are here to wow people, to transport guests to places they have never been,” Falco said in a statement. “There will be delicious classic dishes served beautifully, yes, but when it comes to culinary fireworks, we are infinitely more focused on creating an all-round sensory experience than on a shallow flash.”

Spiegelworld’s latest installation VegasHitShow The YouTube series shows Falco making a personal size mortadella pizza with a super crunchy cheese edge – that’s Superfrico, since frico is an Italian dish featuring crispy cheese – alongside Asher. Treleaven, which plays in Opium as Captain Kunton and is an accomplished cook himself.

Treleaven spent some of the show’s downtime playing a different act in Spiegelworld’s Absinthe at Caesars Palace. The most recent offer from the company, Atomic salon of the living room in Venetian, also features different artists compared to its pre-pandemic version. Opium will see the same kind of slight changes.

“Part of the reason for this is [that] Getting some artists out of particular territories around the world is extremely difficult right now, ”Mollison said, citing visa issues and travel restrictions. “We have people who come from Germany, Australia, Sweden, Spain, Mexico. Slowly we are bringing everyone back to the city they love and the shows they love. “

With his third comeback show and an exciting new venture in the spotlight, morale is high at Spiegelworld, says Mollison. And the opportunity to create something new is at the heart of that positivity.

“We want customers to experience it at their own pace, so the show is fast-paced and the restaurant can be whatever you want it to be,” he says. “You can come in and have a signature dirty martini, or you can sit back and have a full, private ballerina menu for four hours.

“It goes back to the philosophy of Spiegelworld without rules. We try not to have rules, unless they are absolutely necessary.

SUPERFRICO Wednesday-Sunday, 5 p.m.-late. Cosmopolitan, 702-534-3419.

OPIUM Wednesday-Sunday, 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., $ 99. Cosmopolitan, 702-534-3419.

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