New season, new coach for PVHS boys basketball

David Wilson took over as head coach for the boys’ basketball team at Pahrump Valley High School.

Wilson is originally from Grand Island, Nebraska and has moved to the Las Vegas area within the past two years.

Wilson grew up playing basketball in Nebraska. After high school, he played ball at Bakersfield College, a college in Bakersfield, California.

After playing at Bakersfield for two years, Wilson transferred to Doane University. It was a Division II NAIA school in Crete, Nebraska, located just over an hour from where he grew up. He only played one season at Doane before leaving.

Just before the COVID-19 pandemic rocked the world, Wilson had traveled to the Dominican Republic to play basketball as a professional. He only stayed there a few weeks before it all ended.

As for Wilson’s coaching career, he helped coach a high school freshman team for a few years while in California.

During his post-graduate period, Wilson also worked for a company that ran basketball clinics.

Pahrump has not been able to have a winning season since the 2007-08 season. Wilson hopes to reverse the program and get back to winning ways. He mentioned that it’s about improving the culture they have so far.

“We’re hoping to get as many wins as possible this year,” Wilson said. “It’s just about not changing the culture, it’s about improving the culture. It’s something that might take a few years, but we’re just going to take one day to get better at a time and go from there.

This year will be Pahrump Valley’s first basketball season since the 2019-20 season.

This year’s squad will have 12 players, including eight seniors. Wilson won’t be focusing on one side of the ball rather than the other. Instead, he wants it to be a balanced attack.

“I try to keep a good balance,” Wilson said. “I’m trying to make both sides of the ball important.”

He says their biggest challenge for the season is going to be forming a team. The players haven’t had an organized season for almost two years. The seniors who now play at the university level haven’t had a season since they were in first year.

Wilson and the Trojans will start their season in early December.

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