New Las Vegas Strip casino reimagines a Sin City staple

The covid pandemic has literally stopped Las Vegas’ growing momentum in its tracks. As of February 2020, the city had just added the former Oakland Raiders and a number of new casino projects were underway, with one nearing completion.

Doesn’t seem like a big deal considering the massive building boom on the Las Vegas Strip (and really all over town), but there was a time when people thought of Las Vegas as “overbuilt”. The pre-pandemic period had some major hints these days were becoming a thing of the past, but Sin City’s return still seemed a little tenuous.

So. Covid hit and Las Vegas shut down for about a month. And, when the Las Vegas Strip reopened, it was a muted opening with social distancing, masks and limited capacity pretty much everywhere. This made the summer of 2021 an absolutely awful time to open a major new property on the Las Vegas Strip, but Resorts World Las Vegas accepted that challenge and opened on June 24, 2021.

Resorts World wants to make the North Strip trendy

Once past Wynn (WYNN) , the Las Vegas Strip has kind of ended, at least it was like that before Resorts World. Yes, you have the Strat and the Circus Circus, but none of these casinos match the glitz and glamor of the great Caesars Entertainment. (CZR) and MGM Resorts International (MGM) properties packed in the south and center of the strip.

Now, once you pass Wynn, you see Resorts World, a huge property that stands like an oasis on the North Strip. It’s next to Fontainebleauwhich opens after a nearly 20-year construction process later this year, but the presence of this casino only reiterates the size of Resorts World.

This new player has been erected as a bridgehead to make the North Strip a destination. It’s the first resort casino on Elon Musk’s “Loop” that will connect the entire city via underground tunnels and it’s generally a technical marvel.

Resorts World has massive screens everywhere and it screams “modern” at every turn. The casino, however, lacks something that has been a Las Vegas staple – the all-you-can-eat buffet.

And, while the pandemic has knocked out many buffets, the best like Caesars Baccanal have returned. Not offering an all-you-can-eat option seems to go against decades of Las Vegas tradition, but Resorts World has come up with something better.

Resorts World is getting better on the Las Vegas Strip buffet

Instead of a buffet, Resorts World offers an international dining room. Customers grab a table (there are plenty of them) at Famous Foods Street Eats, then order and pay at the kiosks located in each restaurant. The venue has 16 food stalls as well as options for bar drinks and more exotic choices like bubble tea.

Most choices only offer a few menu items. Customers are expected to order from multiple locations and mix and match a meal. You can order from any location from any kiosk and you get a text message when your food is ready.

This creates a sort of upscale do-it-yourself buffet with dishes from around the world (and classic American BBQ) all under one roof). You can eat more than you need (or even want) for less than you typically spend on an upscale buffet while still truly customizing your meal.

It’s a unique approach to the idea of ​​being able to eat a very varied meal at a reasonable price. You can eat well for under $25 and, if you have a group, try just about anything for $40-$50. The food is of higher quality than even Baccanal (which is excellent) and although you won’t be certain of the price of a buffet, you could tell that Resorts World actually offers better value.

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