Meghan King and Mike Johnson go to a strip club together in Las Vegas

When the worlds of reality collide! Ancient Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King knows how to get people talking about his relationships. And the bachelorette star mike johnson is the last topic of conversation.

As reported by Page 6both Megane and Mike were seen together at a strip club in Las Vegas. The two met at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, where they even posed on the red carpet together. But a source says that despite their “undeniable chemistry” the two are “just friends”.

The source added, “They had a lot of fun together and are happy to know each other now. But as far as a relationship goes, it’s platonic. Megane hosts an iHeartRadio podcast, Intimate acquaintance with Meghan King, where she talks about relationships and sex. The producers reportedly introduced the new friends.

After the festival, the reality stars hit the town and met up at Crazy Horse 3, a popular Vegas strip club. The, TMZ caught Megane sitting on by Mike tour while being entertained by an exotic dancer. They also reportedly held hands and kissed.

On his Instagram account, Megane sang her praises when she posted photos of them at the festival. She gushed: “Look who I found at the @iheartradio festival in Vegas! @mike_johnson is my new favorite! Even so, the insider says they’re just “pals and co-workers.”

Megane might just need the happy distraction. She has recently been in the press for her ongoing legal battles with her ex-husband and jean-wearing dad, Jim Edmonds. Despite their split in 2019, the former couple share three children together and have continued to fight for custody. In June, Meghan filed a temporary restraining order accusing Jim of verbal abuse. Jim has denied the allegations and just days ago she dropped both protective orders against him through her lawyer.

But Megane doesn’t just have fun, she also works and recently traveled to New York to promote her podcast. She said Page 6, “I love working and being in the city. It’s always best to put your nose to the grindstone. And I want to be the best example of a single mother who works for my children.

The mother-of-three also insisted she no longer shared details of her relationships on social media. After a quick marriage and breakup with the presidential nephew Coffee Owens, Megane he is said to be quietly dating the heir to the John Deere tractor Trevor Calhoun. She has yet to confirm the relationship.

For by Mike party, he is a fan favorite of single nation after appearing on Hannah Brown’s 2019 season. He tried to find love on Bachelor in Paradise but scratched at that too. At one point he was said to be dating a pop superstar Demi Lovato But that didn’t work. So it seems that despite his looks, Mike is still very available. So if you waited for it to be exploited like The single personthere is still hope!


[Photo Credit: Mindy Small/Getty Images]

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