Matt Ryan’s role revealed by Jeff Saturday

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Ryan was last seen in a 19-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans. Little did we know that Ryan’s injury and demotion would be the least weird thing to happen in Indianapolis in the past two weeks.

As interim coach Jeff Saturday prepares to lead his team against the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, he clarified Ryan’s role now that he is healthy again.

“He’s here to help us,” said Ryan, who will take over as Sam Ehlinger’s replacement on Sunday. “He had two good days of training. I was happy to see him again. He worked hard. He brings a great presence on the pitch and in the dressing room.”

“I just have a lot of respect for him. He’s been huge for Sam and just helps him. A lot of times I’m standing there with Nick talking about different plays. These guys, you can tell that ‘they’re tight – knitting group. They fought. I was watching Matt throwing and watching Sam throwing.”

“It was fun watching these guys.”

Saturday announced on Monday that Ehlinger would be the starter, and he hasn’t seen anything this week to change his mind.

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“I evaluate all the time,” said Saturday. “I tell these guys, this is not a closed competition by any stretch of the imagination. I’m going to put the best 11 in there.”

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“So anything we can do to win games is what we will do. Both have had great weeks of training. Sam, for a young man, is an energetic guy. He brings a lot of pop.”

“Matt came out too, I was impressed. He was over there throwing it. I was very happy to see everyone healthy. Obviously Matt didn’t practice on the first day where I was here. But just watching his presence when he came back – yeah man, that’s exciting for both guys or all the guys really.”

If the decision to bench Ryan in favor of Ehlinger was a Jim Irsay decision, Saturday didn’t hint at it.

“Yeah, it will depend on me starting at quarterback,” said Saturday when asked.

“From my point of view, if I feel like whoever in our football team gives us a better chance of winning, that’s where I go. I’m excited about all the guys, the ones that we have. Whoever plays the best, those are the guys I want on the pitch.”

Ehlinger has struggled in his two starts this season, both losses. He was sacked nine times by the New England Patriots last week.

If the offensive line doesn’t do a better job of blocking both the pass and the run, it doesn’t matter who the starting quarterback is.

But for now… it’s Ehlinger with Ryan backing him up.

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