Martha Stewart hit the Vegas strip, baby


Martha stewart

Update, January 7, 2021: Martha Stewart is officially heading to Vegas. This spring (presumably in her spare time between hitting the Texas Hold’em tables and cashing in at the slots), she will be opening a new restaurant at the Paris Las Vegas hotel, Caesars Entertainment said in a recent press release.

The 80-year-old cookbook author and Queen of Housekeeping will open The Bedford by Martha Stewart, a “fully immersive restaurant concept” inspired by Stewart’s farmhouse residence in New York City. It will serve up a menu of Martha’s signature home cooking, because what else could you expect from this place?

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“Our menu will be delicious, featuring the same types of food that I serve to my friends and family,” Stewart said in the press release. “The architecture and decor of the spaces cleverly exemplifies the beauty and atmosphere you might find at my beautiful farmhouse in Bedford, New York.”

If you’ve ever been asked which celebrity (living or deceased) you’d like to dine with and answered “Martha Stewart”, it’s probably as close as it gets. “Dining at Bedford will be immersive, fun, unexpected and utterly delicious,” added Stewart.

Details of what these “utterly delicious” items will in fact be kept under wraps for now, but seasonal dinner, weekend brunch and holiday menus are under development and will include personal favorites. at Stewart’s choice.

So far, all I can think of is the stark contrast between the farmhouse aesthetic of Martha Stewart’s lifestyle brand and the fast-paced, high-stakes atmosphere of Las Vegas. . Every time this restaurant opens, I hope there is at least one photo of Martha Stewart sitting at a poker table, glass in hand, pushing all her chips to the center, ready to risk everything.

Original message, October 5, 2021: Martha Stewart is a woman of many talents. She’s an extraordinary maid, a really weird Instagram follow, a collaborator with one of the best rappers in the business, and a true weed queen. Now she is flirting with Lady Luck: Las Vegas Eater reports that Stewart will open his first restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip in Paris Las Vegas in 2022.

Eater plans confirmed for new restaurant via building permit filing. The VitalVegas blog posted the first rumors of the concept in July, hinting that Stewart’s intimate pal Snoop Dogg was somehow involved. However, by Eater, the paperwork only names the place as the “Martha Stewart Restaurant”. Eater Also explains that Caesars Entertainment, the parent company of Paris Las Vegas, “has previously chosen not to confirm or deny any speculation about the opening of a Martha Stewart restaurant in the French-themed casino and hotel.”

Stewart’s new concept will join a few other celebrity restaurants at the resort, including Gordon Ramsay Steak and Vanderpump in Paris, a future concept from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and restaurateur Lisa Vanderpump. Will Stewart’s spot build on the resort’s French theme, or venture into the high end like Ramsay’s concept? We are not sure. There is no word yet on the opening date or the restaurant menu.

Of course, this is not the first time that Stewart has been a restaurateur. She owned an over-the-counter service counter in New York City known simply as the Martha Stewart Café until it closed in 2019. But Vegas seems like an odd choice for Stewart’s relatively domestic character. When I think of Martha Stewart, I think of tasteful cardigans and dreamy Bundt cakes. Still, I guess if Stewart’s recent efforts are any indication, she’s leaning into a second act that involves fewer backyard chickens and more bottles of diamond-crusted champagne. More power for her.


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