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You can do almost anything on the Las Vegas Strip, but not that (and it might be worth the trip to fulfill that fantasy.

You can be a different person in Las Vegas than anyone in your day-to-day life. For many people, this means engaging in activities that they might not otherwise consider. This can mean anything from indulging in adult beverages more than usual (and other substances that are legal in Nevada) to gambling, to eating fancy meals. or deciding that sleep is for the weak.

When you visit the Las Vegas Strip, you can gamble all night, find yourself snapping photos with strangers at sunrise, or doing countless other things you might never consider outside of Sin City. Las Vegas also provides the opportunity for people to check things off their to-do lists.

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It could mean seeing a title like Elton John, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, John Legend or another megastar in residence at a Caesars Entertainment (CZR) – Get the report from Caesars Entertainment Inc. or MGM Resorts International (MGM) – Get MGM Resorts International Report property. It could also mean dining at a top restaurant like Nobu or Mr. Chow at Caesars Palace or Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak or Eataly at MGM Grand and Park MGM respectively.

Some people also want to try things in Las Vegas that they might not get the chance to do elsewhere. And while the main properties on the Strip offer the possibility of getting a tattoo, receiving an intravenous injection to help recover from jet lag (or a rough night), partying at night and/or in the clubs daytime, along with countless other activities, there’s one thing you can’t be on the Las Vegas Strip – a mermaid.

To do this, you’ll need to head off the Strip to Silverton Casino, a unique resort located off I-15 and Blue Diamond in Las Vegas.

Image source: Silverton Casino

Las Vegas Resort offers a mermaid school

Bringing attention to an out-of-band property can be a challenge. The Silverton Casino Hotel has leveraged its unique “sirens” to help steer guests away from Caesars, MGM and the other big players on the Las Vegas Strip.

When the property opened in 2004, it offered a mermaid show inside its 117,000 gallon tank as its main attraction. That show ended, but the mermaids remained, swimming in the tank several times a day to entertain guests.

And, in 2019, before the pandemic, the Silverton added a mermaid school for children ages 7 to 12. This offer was closed during the pandemic and was brought back in April with teens and adults also allowed on certain dates,’s Corey Levitan reported.

The class, which costs $175 per person, offers budding mermaids the chance to put on a tail (you can’t keep it on) and learn how to be a mermaid while swimming in the hotel’s massive tank.

The Silverton Hotel Casino is undergoing a major refurbishment

This Mermaid School expansion comes as the Silverton Casino Hotel undergoes “a complete reinvention of its hotel offering, creating a new boutique hotel experience to anchor the resort,” the company explained in a press release.

The property’s 300 rooms will be redesigned and remodeled into what the company called “three distinct design stories”:

  • Kitsch cowboy collection: Rooms showcasing a quirky blend of rustic chic with tasteful modern accents
  • Modern Rustic Collection: Rooms with natural, aged and weathered furnishings, with the natural warm feeling of the outdoors
  • Living Lodge Collection: rooms inspired by the elegant glamorous design of the Rockies and the legendary cattle baron’s homes found in the West.

“It’s more than a room makeover,” said Silverton CEO Craig Cavileer.. “This was an opportunity to creatively reimagine our entire Las Vegas hotel operations. While maintaining aspects of our lodge theme that our guests have enjoyed over the years, our new rooms and suites will envelop our guests in a new spirit of rustic elegance, offering a unique Las Vegas hotel experience.”

The $45 million renovation is expected to be completed in early 2023.

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