Hudson Valley coach hits 10-year-old with hockey stick, police say

A hockey coach who teaches children in the Hudson Valley is accused of hitting an underachieving 10-year-old with a hockey stick, causing him to fall on the ice.

If the disturbing claims are true, this trainer is one of the worst humans on earth.

According to a police report cited by CT Insider, Marvin A. Minkler was training for the Oil Kings at the Brewster Ice Arena when the incident occurred. Witnesses say Minkler “hit a 10-year-old player on the head, neck and upper back with a hockey stick … the ice.”

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Worse yet, the complaint says that instead of checking to see if the boy was okay, Minkler “kept yelling and cursing him that he was doing the exercise wrong.” The 53-year-old Stamford coach has been charged with endangering the well-being of a child and attempted second-degree assault.

A lawyer representing Minkler says the coach insists he is innocent and denies all charges against him.

Coaching children is a huge responsibility. It’s more than just teaching them the basics. For many children, playing sports helps them gain self-esteem, learn to respect others and be a responsible authority figure. Hitting a child on the ice and cursing him for not being good enough is the worst type of role model a child can meet.

Minkler has been coaching youth hockey in the Connecticut area for some time. A handful of his players have even played in the NHL, including Jonathan Quick of the LA Kings, Cam Atkinson of the Flyers and Las Vegas Golden Knights player Max Pacioretty.

A lesson on the hockey drills taught by Minkler is available on YouTube.

The hockey coach is scheduled to appear in Southeast City Court on November 30.

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