How to Report Suspected Water Waste in the Las Vegas Valley

As Lake Mead water levels continue to drop, water waste investigators have stepped up efforts in the Las Vegas Valley to enforce water use regulations.

Global fines for wasting water have increased this year. First-time offenders are usually warned and not fined, but repeat offenders can be fined up to $5,000 depending on the water district in which they reside.

Southern Nevada Water Authority officials say about 60% of water users are aware of sprinkler rules, so investigators can use the public’s help to help limit water waste.

If you see what you suspect is water waste, there are several ways you can report it.

All districts need people reporting what they think is water waste to provide details including location and exact time of day. Pictures are also helpful.

According to the SNWA, wastage of water is defined by the service rules as:

— Allow water supplied by the water district to flow or sprinkle off the property.

— Non-correction of a defective appliance or supply line, when the customer or its agent has known about the problem for more than 48 hours.

— Failure to comply with the provisions of the service rules regarding the washing of vehicles, equipment, driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, streets or other surfaces or objects.

— Drainage of pool or spa water off the property where disposal to a public sanitary sewer is available.

— Some other restrictions vary depending on the time of year.

City of Boulder

Report it to the public works department: With this online form


On line: Click here to report

Call: 702-267-5900


On line: Click here to report

Call: 702-822-8571

Application : LVVWD has an app you can download and use to photograph, document and report suspected water wastage. Find in the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

North of Las Vegas:

On line: Click here to report

Call: 702-633-1216

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