Green Valley High School teacher presses for a crosswalk signal amid close call at crosswalk

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Green Valley High School teacher Phillip Postier prepares for a tough walk through Warm Springs each week. He crosses the street with his autistic students to a place where his students learn life skills.

In March, the group learned how dangerous it can be to cross the street. The video shows a truck skidding to a stop as Postman attempted to cross.

“The problem we have, going through this intersection is a bit like playing Russian roulette sometimes,” Postier said.

FOX5 observed cars not stopping for people in the crosswalk. Postman said some people got stuck in the middle of the street because cars wouldn’t stop. People, including students, must wait for cars to clear to cross.

Postman asks for a change so that none of his students or others are hurt.

“It would destroy me. It really would be. Lots of students at school too. I know it,” he said.

Postman would like the City of Henderson to install a pedestrian warning light at the crosswalk.

The City of Henderson said a pedestrian warning system is being installed at the crosswalk. A city spokesperson said it is currently in the design phase. FOX5 has been informed that the pedestrian warning system has lights that not only flash yellow to tell drivers to slow down, but the lights also turn red to signal drivers to stop.

FOX5 broke the news to Postman while talking to him near the crosswalk.

“Very good. Good,” Postier said. He said, “It’s a good win. I was told it probably wouldn’t happen.

The City of Henderson said the pedestrian-activated beacon system outside Green Valley High will be similar to the lights at Greenspun Middle School.

The City of Henderson has not said exactly when the lights will be installed outside Green Valley High School.

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