Elon Musk’s Boring Company challenges the Las Vegas monorail | News



Courtesy of The Boring Company

In May, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority approved a $ 48.7 million contract for The Boring Company (TBC) to design and build a short underground transportation system at the city’s convention center, using Tesla electric vehicles traveling through narrow tunnels.TechCrunch

The Boring Company (TBC) submitted construction drawings for its new tunnel system in Las Vegas. The plan is to “build a pedestrian tunnel, two 0.8-mile vehicle tunnels and three subway stations, as well as modify and test seven-seater Tesla cars to carry up to 16 people,” TechCrunch reports.

The Las Vegas Monorail has expressed concerns about the new project. According to Monorail CEO Curtis Myles, “the proposed underground passenger transportation system intersects our existing system route, and it appears that the tunnel alignment shown is interfering with our existing columns for the Las Vegas monorail system and is causing concern. important for vertical and lateral loads. “

After a few round trips, TBC must now have “regular coordination” with the Monorail and the city’s Public Works department. Eventually, TBC will become a direct competitor of Monorail.


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