Election error: 11 ballots omit name of outgoing Nye County Commissioner

During Tuesday’s primary election, the Pahrump Valley Times was informed that the name of District 5 County Commissioner Debra Strickland was omitted from the ballots of some voters.

Nye County Clerk Sandra Merlino said 11 ballots had the error because voters had all moved at some point.

All errors were considered, Merlino said, but six of those 11 voters had voted.

Although this is unlikely to have an impact on the results, Strickland criticized the error on Tuesday.

“I have to say it’s disappointing because everyone has lost faith in the electoral system,” Strickland said. “…I’m sorry we have to go through this Nye County, it’s very disappointing.”


In Pahrump, voters headed to the Bob Ruud Community Center on Tuesday to submit their ballots in the local and state elections.

Both Marla and Mark Campbell believe that voting is “extremely important”. They worry about the current climate of the country.

“Our country is at stake,” said Mark Campbell. “Our liberties, and our liberties are at stake.”

Heather Smith of Pahrump said she voted because she’d like to “get those dirtbags out of here.”

Voter Beth Young said she made her voting decisions by talking to friends. She is relatively new to the area and not yet fully connected.

“It’s important to be able to choose who I want to represent us,” said Octavio Garcia in Spanish. “Anything local, I have my eye on it.”

He read a lot about who he voted for, especially in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“What we are experiencing is simply provoked. In a way the administration is not at its best, it starts at the top,” Garcia said in Spanish.

Voter Gonzolo Lopez felt that those at the state level did not care about those in rural parts of the state.

“Governor. Sisolak wasn’t exactly for the people,” Lopez said. “He didn’t care about us.”

Voters said they were successful on primary election day for a number of reasons, but most said they forgot about early voting.

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