Dim sum is plentiful throughout the Las Vegas Valley

Whether you’re eating dumplings for traditional brunch, a big, satisfying breakfast, or an early supper, huge dim sum is plentiful in the Las Vegas Valley and seems to be growing in popularity every year.

There has always been a huge choice of Chinese cuisine in Las Vegas resorts and neighborhoods, but this specialty is really booming these days.

On the Gold Coast just off the Strip, Ping pang pong (702.247.8136) has long been recognized as one of the city’s dim sum institutions. The large and bustling dining room resembles a traditional dim sum lounge, and the prompt service keeps things moving. While the menu of Chinese favorites extends far beyond dim sum, this is one of the best places for memorable bites like fried shrimp dumplings, soft shell crab wrapped in rice paper, pork pot stickers and more.

Right across the street in Rio, KJ Dim Sum & SeafooD (702.777.2333) is another longtime favorite with locals and tourists alike, a restaurant that debuted in Las Vegas‘ Chinatown before expanding with this vibrant dining room right across from the Carnival World Buffet. Authentic noodle and dumpling dishes are the centerpiece of the all-day menu, and you won’t want to miss the crystal shrimp har gow or pork siu mai.

On the Strip, the magnificent Palazzo Mott 32 (702.607.3232) is another fine Chinese restaurant that happens to serve some of the tastiest dim sum dishes in the world. The general menu embraces the flavors of Hong Kong, but the dumplings you must eat are the Shanghai-style Sweet and Sour Iberian Pork Soup Dumplings, a one-piece masterpiece. The wild mushroom and water chestnut dumplings and sugar-coated, baked pork buns are also worth the effort.

Din Tai Fung (702.590.8650) is a household name in the dim sum game globally, with dozens of locations in the United States and across Asia, Australia, and the United Kingdom. share bamboo steamers filled with these Shanghainese soup dumplings, aka xiao long bao, along with spicy pork or chicken wontons, vegan dumplings in bright green wrappers, steamed buns and sautéed vegetables expertly like bok choy, broccoli and mustard greens. It’s a delicious dining experience that has finally found its place on the Strip.

The newest dim sum destination in Las Vegas is on West Flamingo Road and it comes from veteran chef Kenny Chye, a culinary artist who continues to set the model for vegan Chinese cuisine in Las Vegas. After having successfully launched several restaurant concepts in recent years, it has just opened Vegan Dim Sum from Chef Kenny (702,251,920), where all of those familiar flavors and dishes come to life without the meat.

Chye makes her own blends of soy meat substitutes, vegetables, and other plant-based ingredients to create brilliant interpretations of siu mai, har gow, sesame balls, seared chive cakes and other dim sum. that will make you think you are eating pork, shrimp, chicken and beef. But it’s not about stuff in this cozy new restaurant; this is a delicious dim sum experience that will satisfy all tastes.

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