Desert Pines-Green Valley warm-up football game set to be near

You may have noticed that there are 11 teams in Class 5A in Southern Nevada. This means that there are five games every week after the league starts, and the only remaining team gets what’s called a bye.

If you are wondering how this silly little word came into being, it started around 1840, which is even a little before the Rolling Stones were born. People who write dictionaries say it started with “by,” like standing by or being bypassed when everyone was playing this game called cricket.

Supposedly, there was also this sport called running, where dogs would run after something they could see instead of smell. A dog that had no other dog to run against would run on its own. And so that was also called a bye, because that’s already what they called in cricket games.

Anyway, Faith Lutheran has goodbye this week. And if the Crusaders are interested in how it all started, there you go.

Green Valley at Desert Pines

Green Valley did not play a championship game last week. But he didn’t get a bye. He played the Henderson Bowl, which in some ways is more important than a championship game for the Gators, who beat rival Basic 46-21. Desert Pines also scored a lot of points – 62 against Centennial. And Centennial didn’t score any points against Desert Pines. Green Valley and Desert Pines could score a lot of points against each other, but Desert Pines should score a few more. Desert pines by 3.

Legacy to Foothill

Speaking of points, Legacy did finally score some and beat Canyon Springs 18-15 on Saturday. Legacy only scored eight, eight and seven points in their first three games and might struggle to hit the double against Foothill, who beat Palo Verde 42-20 in what some people here were calling an upset. Don’t panic this week. Foothill by 10.

Palo Verde at Arbor View

Like the two games mentioned above, this one could be interesting, even though Arbor View was shut out 52-0 by Bishop Gorman last week. Arbor View coach Matt Gerber said his team did absolutely nothing in this game, so you move on. These were his exact words. My exact words are that Arbor View will win this week’s game by about a touchdown. View of the arbor by 7.

Canyon Springs at Bishop Gorman

This game, on the other hand, does not generate interest. As I mentioned above, Bishop Gorman scored 52 points against Arbor View, which is a pretty good team for here. They even let the clock run in the second half for everyone to come home early because Gorman is still playing at 7 p.m. while everyone is playing at 6. Bishop Gorman by 53.

Centenary of Liberty

This game is a rematch of the last state championship game in 2019 before COVID started to mess everything up. Liberty won 50-7. COVID still plays with those two teams, but Liberty Junior University, most of which was called up to play Faith Lutheran last week, is also pretty good. Freedom by 42.

Seasonal predictions: 16-8

Against the spread: 12-12

Fielder is the Review-Journal correspondent during high school athletic season when he’s not slacking off. He is currently not reachable because his cell phone fell out of his pocket while skateboarding and the screen broke.

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