Derek Carr drops truth bomb on Las Vegas playoff odds

It’s the last four weeks of the NFL regular season and the Raiders’ chances in the playoffs are slim. The 6-7 Las Vegas Raiders currently sit last in the AFC West, with the Chiefs leading the division with a 9-4 record. Despite their unlikely playoff appearance this year, Derek Carr is yet to throw in the towel. The quarterback expects his teammates to advance with him.

According to Adventurers’ thread, there’s a 5% chance that the Raiders will secure a playoff berth. Carr spoke about the rest of the Raiders’ season:

“I think for us to know that we’re still here and that we have four AFC teams that we play, two in the division. It won’t be easy, but you tell me we have a chance. The way we have come to work is that we have a chance and it is a fact. But we have to win football matches, that’s all that matters. (quote courtesy of Levi Damien of Raiders Wire)

If Carr wasn’t so driven and upbeat in this situation, it would concern me as an NFL fan. The league is run by driven professionals eager to challenge the odds and win football matches, which is exactly what Carr plans to do. He doesn’t care how likely it is, he just wants to give his team the best chance of making the playoffs.

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