Dennis Rodman’s daily routine included a visit to the strip club, knocking down 30 shots of Jagermeister – Basketball Network

Rodman was famous among fans because they knew it wouldn’t take much for Dennis to show his wild side.

Dennis Rodman embodied the words “bad boy” while performing and shattered what a professional athlete should behave and look like in his career. But no matter what, Rodman did his job, played his role to perfection and won titles. That’s all you could ask for, and if anyone’s wondering how the Chicago Bulls tamed Rodman’s bad boy, they didn’t. So they lived with it and reaped the benefits.

Dennis Rodman’s Crazy Routines

A typical basketball player’s routine would involve waking up, eating nutritious meals, working out, watching videotapes, and then going home to rest and recuperate. Dennis Rodman was not an average player and his routines were slightly different than your typical athlete.

In an interview, The Worm shared his routines when he was still performing. Unsurprisingly, this involved going to bars and drinking heavily until the wee hours of the morning.

“Ride a bike, practice after the game, go to a steakhouse then go to a club, first the str*p club, then the bar, then go take about 10-15-20-30 shots of Jagermeister’s coolest light, come home 5’0 in the morning, get up at 9:30, go to practice, practice, do my job and do it all over again.”

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Ex-teammate Toni Kukoc witnessed it. He once partied with Dennis and claimed he needed 7-10 days of recovery. Kukoc also explained how Rodman bought food and drinks for everyone at the bar. There’s just something about the power forward that was irresistible to both men and women. The worm admitted that it didn’t need to use pick-up lines because it was approached most often. Imagine getting that kind of response, and you’d know you were above the rest: “I want to make you like Madonna. If you fucked her, you must be pretty good.”

Rodman was famous among fans because they knew it would take very little for Dennis to show his wild side. Fans knew The Worm didn’t care what other people thought of him. But, once he’s in his element, he’s like possessed, and everyone at the bar is at his mercy.

With the way the 7-time rebounding champion pushed his body to the limit, it’s a wonder how he delivered monstrous numbers. Rodman knew how to work hard, but he partied harder. It leaves a question in our minds: how devastating Dennis Rodman could have been if he worked harder and partied less? However, it was his way of dealing with the demons inside him, so Dennis found a balance between hard work and fun, and 5 NBA titles prove his love for the nightlife didn’t interfere with his full-time job. .

MJ gave in to Rodman’s demands

We all know that Michael Jordan didn’t like people who didn’t work as hard as he did since he was always pushing his teammates to improve. But when Rodman did things to Rodman, Phil Jackson had to step in to avoid any locker room issues.

Jackson allowed Dennis to take a short break in Las Vegas in the middle of a crucial playoff series. Mike ignored him, but Phil gave in to Rodman’s wishes. The Zen master knew that the harder they tried to control the worm, the more trouble it could lead to.

There will be no Dennis Rodman 2.0 simply because of his eccentricity and efficiency despite his notorious private life. Phil Jackson made it work, and even the great Michael Jordan had no choice but to say yes. The Worm proved that winning solves everything and silences the critics.

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