Carson Valley Medical Center Honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month with $ 50 3D Mammograms | News from Carson City, Nevada

Carson Valley Medical Center is offering discounted mammograms for $ 50 throughout October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Appointments can be made by calling (775) 782-1533.

Mammography is a special type of imaging that uses a low dose x-ray system to examine the breasts. A mammogram test, called a mammogram, is used to help early detection and diagnosis of breast disease in women. The CVMC offers different types of mammograms to give patients the best chance of getting an early and accurate diagnosis.

A 3D mammogram can detect a problem before it is felt during a self-examination and could save lives. 3D digital mammography equipment is a sophisticated cutting edge technology that provides a high quality image to the radiologist for accurate diagnosis.

Colleen Reid, CFO of Carson Valley Medical Center, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in October 2019, after deferring a diagnostic mammogram for several years. Reid had a persistent lump which she believed to be related to an injury she received when her dog jumped on her the previous October.

She credits 3D mammography technology and the meticulous care she received from Paul Knight, MD, a radiologist at CMVC for identifying her diagnosis.

“Early detection is so important because it makes a difference in the treatments, the treatment options and the effectiveness of those treatments,” Reid said.

Annual mammograms are recommended for women as young as 40 years old by the American Cancer Society. Women should consult with their health care providers to determine the best time to start.

Reid said she shared her story to encourage people to get tested.

“If my story helps someone get their mammogram and it helps someone say, ‘Okay, I can get through this,’ that’s really fantastic,” she said.

The reduced CVMC rate of $ 50 applies to screenings scheduled Monday through Friday in October and payments by cash, check or credit card at time of service. Insurance will not be charged for reduced price screenings. The price includes the screening mammogram and the X-ray reading. Screening mammography only, no reduced cost implants.

For more information, visit or call (775) 782-1533.

In the photo: Colleen Reid, CFO of Carson Valley Medical Center, pictured with her dog Ditto, was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in 2019. Seen here with her dog Ms. Ditto, she encourages women to participate in the promotion of the month Mammo from CVMC to receive a $ 50 3D mammogram during the month of October.

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