Caesars, Las Vegas Strip is hosting a huge event that was once banned

Las Vegas has become the center of the sports world and Sin City has everything it needs to expand the biggest events.

Vegas, of course, has everything to scale.

It may not seem like a big deal, but major events can overwhelm all but the biggest cities.

Jacksonville, for example, hosted Super Bowl XXXIX and it lacked hotels and restaurants to support the massive influx of fans leading to traffic jams and people having to stay far enough away.

Only a few cities, perhaps just Las Vegas and Orlando, have the infrastructure to not only host a huge event, but to make it easy and walkable.

It’s not just about having lots of hotel rooms, but about having them close enough to each other – as well as restaurants and entertainment – to make for a positive experience that isn’t marred by the traffic and long queues.

Las Vegas certainly has traffic, but once you arrive at your hotel on the Strip, many more are within easy walking distance. You can stay at almost any Caesars Entertainment (CZR) – Get the report from Caesars Entertainment Inc. or MGM Resorts International (MGM) – Get the MGM Resorts International Report Strip property and easily access all others.

This makes the city an ideal location for high-profile events and it is set to host one as Caesars prepares to host the National Football League (NFL) Draft. The center of the draft, the NFL Draft Theater, will be located on the Strip behind the High Roller and the LINQ, next to Caesars Forum.

It’s a very central location that’s in the middle of a number of Caesars properties and within walking distance of most MGM portfolios, not to mention The Venetian and even Wynn (WYNN) – Get Wynn Resorts, Limited Report.

That should make the NFL Draft, which kicks off April 28 and lasts three days, a huge event not just for Caesars, but for everyone on the Strip.

What will an NFL Draft look like in Las Vegas?

Caesars won’t have much trouble making the draft a bigger show than it was last year when the NFL chose to hold its offseason signing event in Cleveland.

And while the error on the lake has its charms, Vegas beat it before a single place was built. That said, Caesars has huge plans.

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The key venue will be the NFL Draft Theater, where invited fans and prospects will gather to watch the picks unfold.

The Draft Theater will host top prospects as they are drafted and cross the stage.

After each round, the theater stage will also host free live concerts from world-class artists as part of the NFL Draft Concert Series,” Caesars explained in a press release.

Caesars will also host the NFL Draft Experience, a free three-day football festival that offers fans “the ultimate experience with interactive games, unique food and festivities, including celebrity autograph sessions and entertainment. live for the whole family.

It’s the NFL Draft on an even bigger stage with all kinds of official and unofficial events. It’s going to be a massive party with Caesars at the heart of it, but MGM will also benefit.

“We’re proud of our historic partnership with the NFL and we’re excited to play a vital role in the Las Vegas league going forward, such a critical market for the Caesars family,” said Chris Holdren, co-president of Caesars Digital. . says TheStreet via email.

“The NFL is the biggest sports game, and it felt natural for us as Caesars Entertainment to work with them to create something special in the gaming space.”

A huge opportunity to promote sports betting

The NFL, along with the rest of the major sports leagues, has embraced sports betting in a way that was unthinkable just a few years ago.

Now, with more states legalizing sports betting, it has lost its stigma and the NFL has fully embraced the game and the money associated with it.

Caesars has made it clear that the NFL no longer views the game as something not entirely part of its sports.

“Caesars Sportsbook is the first sportsbook operator to host its own activation space within Draft Experience,” the company said.

Additionally, the LINQ Promenade will offer a remote Caesars Sportsbook location during Draft Week with self-serve betting kiosks as well as food, drink and merchandise pop-ups across the promenade. »

The Draft also comes with its own set of bets, many of which Detailed Sports Illustrated. To have the game literally on the spot at the draft marks a first for the league.

“Bettors are offering everything from how many players from each position will be drafted, to which will be drafted first at their respective position, to the over/under of individual players’ overall draft number,” wrote Frankie Taddeo of IF.

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