Brendan Schaub hits back at Dana White after conspiracy investigation

Brendan Schaub didn’t like Dana White’s shot at him the day after UFC 279.

After a chaotic week in Las Vegas where the promotion was forced to shuffle the top three fights from its pay-per-view event following Khamzat Chimaev’s infamous underweight, part of the MMA community thought the whole situation was pre- planned.

Schaub, along with former UFC champion Pat Miletich, were among those who expressed their opinions. They theorized a plot for the UFC to improve the card due to low pay-per-view interest.

After Tuesday’s episode of Dana White’s Contender series, UFC President castigated at Miletich and called him “the dumbest motherfucker on the planet”. White was also informed that Schaub had come up with his own theories, which he says “makes sense” (via Twitter):

Schaub didn’t appreciate the tone in which White delivered his comment and posted on social media on Wednesday to offer his response.

Schaub held nothing back and tackled White from every angle, from personal to professional, and brought fighter compensation and the UFC’s association with various media into the fold.

Check out the statement below (via Instagram):

Oh my god…here we go again. I was being cool and thought you’d learn from the last time you mentioned my name and got destroyed. Sadly, not surprised you’re a bully. Always have been. You put on designer jeans and “hip sneakers” and think you’re cool. You’re still a jerk with a frat brother vocabulary. Calling me and many people “idiot” “idiot” “fucking idiot” because we have questions about “the chaos” at UFC279? Also, no one is talking about *entry tickets*, I was referring to *pay-per-view* purchases and the *trend* of UFC 279…that you don’t release to the public, but you’ll say “it’ went F*ckin big bros!” Sorry, we just don’t buy what you tell us after repeatedly lying, but the sheep media you choose to attend events don’t have the balls to call you. At the recent press conference, you were caught lying about extra compensation for fighters. You need a reality check. You are surrounded by “Yes men”. You are not special, you are not original. You’re a Vince McMahon on a budget. Every move you make is a copy of this guy’s cat. The only thing you have in common is that you’re both on steroids and you dress like assholes. Need I remind you that your origin story is a failed cardio kick boxing instructor who had two wealthy friends in high school to fund this business. Now go do a “cool” video with the Nelk boys to stay relevant or have your PR team come up with a good press article to distract fans from fighters’ pay and how they should wear these horrible shoes Rock under armor and won’t see a dime. “Dummy”
PS. Stop stealing my shows from the thicccboy network and recreating them on Fight pass, k?
Also… leave Pat Miletich alone.

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