Bellagio welcomes the holidays with a large display on the Las Vegas Strip – PHOTOS

At the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, it’s “time” to celebrate the holidays.

The newest botanical exhibit adorns the conservatory’s halls with a 42-foot-tall fir tree with thousands of lights, a snow-capped mountain range, a cozy Swiss chalet, and Santa’s sleigh filled with gifts.

Conservatory designer Ed Libby said the theme of “Holiday Time” was inspired by the centuries-old moments and traditions that accompany the holiday celebration.

The North Bed is designed as a luxurious holiday village with a miniature watch shop, pastry shop and bookstore in the style of European architecture.

The South Bed features a snow-capped scene of penguins, seals, white foxes, and Coca-Cola polar bears – made from white flowers. The display features inside and outside a cabin where a puppy plays in front of a fireplace.

In the center of the west bed is an imposing Christmas tree with a Swarovski crystal wreath surrounded by scented trees 25 feet high.

Tucked away among oversized gifts are 12-foot-wide poinsettias designed with thousands of roses.

“I have always been fascinated by the Tournament of Roses,” said Libby. “When I signed in 2016, my goal and my direction were the guidelines of the Tournament of Roses: to do things from other things. We call this “up close magic”.

A cozy Swiss chalet decorated with large windows and flower boxes occupies the east bed.

“We’re looking at how vacation time has progressed and reflecting on vacation time spent,” Libby said. “It’s very interesting in the display and the concept. “

The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens are free to the public and open 24 hours a day until January 1.

Holiday display in numbers

13 250: White carnations

8,700: Ornaments on the holiday tree

7,500: Poinsettias

7,000: LED lights on the holiday tree

2,000: Senecio Plants “Angel Wings”

300: Assorted shrubs including cypress and juniper

75: The team members who bring the screen to life

25: 25ft Fresh Cut Silver Tipped Fir Trees

24: Giant snowflakes

8: Arctic animals

6: Days to complete display

5: Work clocks

1: 42-foot fir tree from Mount Shasta, California

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