Asked for comments on the Las Vegas Strip baseball stadium

The Oakland A’s vote Las Vegas Airmen (Triple-A West) fans on their feelings about a Las Vegas Strip Baseball Stadium, as the team draws closer to some decisions regarding the fate of athletics.

No wonder the focus is on a Las Vegas Strip baseball stadium: in September we reported that local politicians and business leaders believed the team would end up on the Strip, based on their negotiations with Athletic ownership. You can read more about these sites in our original story, but basically the three locations were at the northern and southern ends of the strip, with a third roughly in the middle. There are good arguments for all three sites, and now that the As’s have warmed up to the idea of ​​working on development as part of the rough plan, the justifications for all three sites are pretty obvious: the north site may be closer to the casinos and the Palais des Congrès, but the southern site may end up making the most sense in terms of development that might attract locals and tourists. Vegas has already shattered some long-held assumptions about sports teams relying on tourists for sustained ticket sales; Las Vegas is clearly an event-driven economy, and the NFL and NHL attract these tourists well. Whether this can be sustained over a long MLB season is another question, of course. From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

The A’s emailed Aviators fans a relocation interest survey, asking a host of questions regarding the franchise’s possible move to Las Vegas Valley, including questions about a stadium on the Strip. The Aviators are the Triple A affiliate of A.

The investigation said the team was looking to build a baseball stadium “on or near the Las Vegas Strip,” but did not note any specific sites.

Another question asked what impact an outdoor retractable roof or fixed-roof stadium would have on fans’ interest in attending games in Las Vegas.

After Alameda County supervisors voted to support Howard Terminal waterfront development on a non-binding vote, things have been relatively calm on A’s rough search. We expect that to change afterward. the World Series, when team president Dave Kaval promised to publish a list of potential venues.

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