10 Fabulous Las Vegas Vacation Rentals Near The Strip

Given that it is, according to many sources, the most popular tourist attraction in the world, the task of promoting the Las Vegas Strip as a destination of choice seems almost unnecessary. Nevertheless, we can’t help but say a few words about this place which is unlike any other. The term “Disney Land for Adults” may be overused, but that doesn’t mean it’s inappropriate.

All forms of entertainment flourish in the quirky oasis that is The Strip. Visitors are struck, suddenly driven to do things they never imagined. No one dreams of eating in a restaurant with live sharksriding a rooftop roller coasterwhere to get photographed with a cold million in cash. But once you learn that such things exist…

Vegas is much more than casinos. More and more people have discovered the wealth of things to do in the city that don’t require putting their own wealth on the line. famous artists, every night has a chance to be unforgettable.

A city built for tourism, Las Vegas offers a multitude of accommodation options. Staying in a casino is by no means your only option. Here is a list of 10 alternatives, places near the Strip where you can feel at home during your vacation in Las Vegas.

55th floor cloud scraper condo

Rent now
$574.00/avg per night

This penthouse is perfect for a group looking to rise above it all. Relax on the couch or admire an ocean of neon lights from the 55th floor windows. The apartment has two bedrooms with king-size beds and a convertible sofa for additional guests.

It’s the pinnacle of Vdara, a hotel and spa in the center of the Strip. Walk to one of the many fine restaurants on the Strip or cook up a home-cooked meal in the modern kitchen. You’ll save a lot on taxi fares by choosing to stay here, in the heart of the action.

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms : 2

Sleeping: 6

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