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Here are current research projects we endorse. We encourage you to participate in any of these, as the more research we participate in, the better an understanding society will have of our world. PLEASE NOTE: While we endorse the research projects listed here, we do not always know the researchers. Please use discretion with your personal contact information when taking surveys.

Survey for Adult Service Providers, Baylor University

Working Stories Audio Documentary


St. James Infirmary and Smith College School for Social Work

We Asian Sex Workers Anthology

NSW Sex Workers who provide services to clients with a disability University of Sydney, NSW


Survey for Adult Service Providers (link to survey)   Top

The new Survey for Adult Service Providers (SASP) is a multi-wave survey of online adult service providers. The project was reviewed by Baylor University’s Institutional Review Board and found exempt. Data collection begins August 2008.  The two research investigators in this projects are Scott Cunningham (Baylor University) and Todd Kendall (Lexecon Consulting, Inc.).

Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

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Letter to ASPs:

This is Scott Cunningham, assistant professor of economics at Baylor University.  I am writing to ask if you would consider participating in a research project aimed at surveying workers in the commercial sex industry. The survey will take about 15 minutes of your time. The purpose of the study is to help understand the characteristics of individuals who work in the commercial sex industry, as well as better understand what factors determine their wages. 

We're also doing this study to track how providers are doing in the wake of the worst recession since the Great Depression.  We began this study back in August of 2008.  Since then, the American economy has been undergoing serious strains as problems in the securitization of mortgages have caused problems in our financial industry at large, and through it, our real economy.  In the midst of all this, adult service providers may be experiencing a variety of problems themselves.  On the one hand, work may be strong right now.  Many women report an increase in business because of the overall stress happening in their clients' lives.  But many women also report a significant slowdown in their business.  Many women may also be going into commercial sex work for the first time because of being laid off at work.  It's a very challenging time, to say the least, for everyone, and quite possibly for you as well.

We did not intend for our study to be an indicator of the stresses in the adult service provider labor market, but by sheer chance, our survey was already in the field several months before these latest rounds of economic problems hit.  Thus we have an opportunity to not only collect valuable information about the labor market characteristics of adult service providers in general, but also measure how the recession is affecting providers' earnings and work effort. 

So I am writing to encourage you to participate in our study if you haven't already.  If you have already, I thank you.  Please email me and I'll take your name off the contact list.  But if you haven't, I ask that you consider taking it.  As I said in previous emails, we're not affiliated with law enforcement.  We have no interest in harming you in anyway.  Our goal is as scientists to collect data and analyze it.  I wish you all the best during this difficult time, whatever you decide, though.  The URL for the survey if you are interested is below:


Scott Cunningham
Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
Baylor University
Waco, TX  76798-8003
(o) 254-710-4753


Have something to say about your work? Click on the link to participate in an audio documentary.


St. James Infirmary: Sex Work Survey   Top

Hello All-
St. James Infirmary have an IRB-approved researcher doing surveys at the clinic and she has an on-line survey if anyone wants to complete it.  Below is her recruitment email Please forward it as you see fit, thanks.

Dear Potential Research Participant:
My name is Serena Wong and I am a graduate student at the Smith College School for Social Work. I am conducting a research project designed to explore the mental health help seeking behaviors of female sex workers. This study is being conducted for the Master’s of Social Work degree at Smith College School for Social Work and may be used in future presentations, publications, or grants on the topic.

Participants in this study should be female between the ages of 18-60 who are currently sex workers or have worked as sex workers in the past year. Participants will be asked to fill out an online survey (by clicking on the link below) that asks them about their experience with seeking professional help for emotional issues.

The survey will take approximately 10-15 minute to complete. The online survey will be completely anonymous. There will be no financial benefit for participating in the survey. However, participants may benefit from knowing that they have contributed to the knowledge of sex worker’s experience in therapy. It is my hope that this study will help social workers have a better understanding of treating and better serve women who work in the sex work industry.
If you are interested in participating, please go to this link to complete the survey: 
Thank you for your assistance. Please contact me if you have any further questions.

Serena Wong



Call for Submissions!    Top

The curator of "We Asian Sex Workers" is looking for writers- both sex workers and non sex workers- of Asian descent to submit pieces for an upcoming anthology edited by Gennifer M. Hirano.

Click here for more information!


NSW Sex Workers who provide services to clients with a disability.

You are invited to participate in a unique research project focussing on NSW sex workers who provide services to clients with a disability.  If you are currently, or have previously worked, in NSW as a sex worker then you are eligible to participate.

Participation involves an anonymous questionnaire which should take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete. The questionnaire is available on-line at:

Alternatively, the questionnaire can be downloaded from the above link and sent to:

Sex workers and clients with a disability study

Rachel Wotton

c/ Faculty of Health Science
The University of Sydney
PO Box 170, Lidcombe
NSW 1825, Australia

A printed version can be sent you upon request.

I am a post-graduate student completing my Masters by Research degree at the University of Sydney.  I am also a current sex worker, the Secretary of Touching Base Inc and a member of Scarlet Alliance – the Australian Sex Workers’ Association.

Participation is completely voluntary and anonymous and your decision to participate – or not  - will in no way affect your current or future involvement with any of the organisations I am currently affiliated with, or any personal or professional relationship I may share with you. Submission of the completed questionnaire is an indication that you have consented to participate in this research.

Participating in this study will allow you to talk about a section of your work which is rarely discussed or acknowledged and which has never been specifically researched.

It is anticipated that the final results can be used to educate and influence the future development of training and awareness workshops for sex workers, disability services provider, clients with a disability, academics, policy makers and the general public.                                         

For more information please contact:

·         Rachel Wotton:         (phone)    0449-564-226

·         Dr Russell Shuttleworth:  (phone) +61 2 9351 9647  



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