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US Fed Law 2257:  A Very Scary Scenario for US Escorts!

Why Escorts Should STOP Advertising on American Owned Websites and Directories

T he Conservative Law makers have conveniently changed the 2257 code to be interpreted in such a way that essentially anyone who has anything sexually explicit, on any web site needs to have some type of government issued documentation for their proof of the age on file with each website they advertise on. These policies will put at risk your identity and your personal and private information to be exploited by the US Federal Government and Local Law Enforcement.

Escort Directories:

Escort directories are an easy and popular way for clients to shop for escorts because many of them have thousands of advertisers nation wide. Because large numbers of escorts are so easily found, this also makes these directories prime targets for Law enforcement too.

Now, for an Escort directory to be 2257 compliant, it means that the web master must post on the website the physical address of where they store and maintain all of their age verifying documentation for all their advertisers. This makes it easy for federal agents to walk in anytime unannounced and within drive away with a down load of all those records. Once in the hands of federal authorities, the government now has everything they need to stick a microscope up every escort's collective backsides to learn all there is to know about each and every one of them.

What Will The Government Learn About You?

From your drivers license, they Feds will know your real name, your current physical address, and your phone number. From there they can cross reference that information with other government data bases and obtain your Social Security number. Then the IRS will look to see if you file tax returns and how much you report. They'll analyze how your reported earnings compare to where you live and what kind of car you drive, and whether you are living beyond your means. And if they see you don't file taxes, then you'll be in trouble for that too.


They will then run a credit check and see where you bank, what your balances are, how many credit cards you have and what their balances are. They'll see where you shop, what you purchase, and how much you pay each month, and question how you make the money to make monthly payments of pay off those balances.


Do you see where this is going?


The Feds will very likely give a list of all the escorts in a given area to local vice departments, who will check you out, watch your place. They will learn if you do incall or outcall appointments. If they put your place under surveillance, they can run the license plates on all your visitors and guests compromising their privacy too. They will subpoena your phone records and scrutinize who you call and who is calling you. Then they will check into those people's phone records. If one escort gets busted, and they check her phone records and compile a list of her clients, if any of her clients ever call you, then you will now be under their radar.


Do you see how far this can go?


Fed Law 2257 makes all American owned escort directories vulnerable, so it would seem reasonable for escorts wishing to protect their privacy to avoid advertising on the following directories.


Craig's List       Backpage      Eros      CityVibe     USA AdultDirectory       Redbook      That Mall


All these popular American owned directories need to become 2257 compliant or face very large fines and jail time. The production company for the Girls Gone Wild video's recently received a $2.1 million dollar fine*, and the owner of Girls Gone Wild company accepted a $500,000 personal fine instead of 2 years jail time. So you should now know how serious the Feds are. The above directories will be targeted only because they are American owned and happen to be in the jurisdiction of the US Dept of Justice. If you advertise on them unfortunately you will be in jeopardy of having the US government and your local vice cops learn more about you than you really want them too.


So, What's an Escort to Do?   

Quit ?   (which is what they want you to do anyway)  or... Advertise on a Foreign Owned Directory!

Original link: http://www.nationalblacklist.com/2257ScaryScenario.htm

*Link to Girls Gone Wild article: http://www.theconservativevoice.com/article/18986.html


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