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Redefining Feminism

Mandatory Health Testing

Morality and Human Rights: The Sex Work Debate

Ouch! Western feminists' 'wounded attachment' to the 'third world prostitute'

Criminalization of Sex Work Denies Children Access to Rights

About Zoning Adult Businesses by Jo Weldon

Stripping: Empowerment or Objectification? An Examination of the Literature on Stripping as an
Occupation & Life-style Choice
By Raina Lenney

The Fate of Sexual Power by Victoria Emmert Schiller

Shut Up, I can't Hear You by Jo Weldon

Protection of sex workers by Goodyear and Cusick
Decriminalisation could restore public health priorities and human rights

Sex workers to pay the price

Prostitution shake-up: one sex worker's view

Travel Agency: A Critique of Anti-Trafficking Campaigns by Nandita Sharma

The Prostitute, The Comedian -- And Me
An interview with Camille Paglia by Tracy Quan

Prostitution and Feminism by Silja J. A. Talvi

The Truth About the Green River Killer by Silja J. A. Talvi

Why Women Must Get Out Of Men's Laps by Andrea Dworkin

Sex Workers' Rights are Human Rights! Do you care about your right to work in the sex industry? Are you tired of laws that punish people for how they earn a living? Join with other activists to change the laws and stand up for your rights! Visit www.desireealliance.org


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